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We offer the ease of business necessary for today's modern business owner by offering cutting-edge technology along with the much-needed human touch. You can call, email, text, or chat with us at your convenience!

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Our corporate values determine how decisions are made and what the priorities are. Values must be lived through policies and decisions, big and small, everyday. We understand the importance of culture and how the impact of the culture between our employees translates to our customers, and our community.

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As your agency, we bring over 27 years of experience in the insurance industry. We pride ourselves on making sure you understand your coverage, what your options are and that together, we make the best decisions regarding your coverage as possible. We are Protection You Can Trust!

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Michelle is a wealth of knowledge, she has patience of gold while helping you get into the right insurance policy for you and your family with a good policy and great coverage all for a reasonable price. BIG plus she always returns you calls and emails.

Lisa Daily

They always go above and beyond to find the best coverage and rates for me! This is the 2nd time they have saved me $. And they are so easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Jennifer King

Trustworthy and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond expectations to help you determine the right coverage and find you the best policy at the right price. We highly recommend them!

Andrea Konicki

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At Southshore Insurance Professionals we provide a wide range of insurance products, and can customize each to fit the specific needs of our clients. We're simply the trusted advisor you never knew you needed.


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We work with top-rated carriers to find you the best coverage at a great price.



We can put together an insurance package to meet all of your needs. Call us today.



We work with many types of businesses and offer customized packages to fit your specific needs.


Moving to Florida-How Will Your Insurance Change?

By Southshore Insurance Professionals

CONGRATULATIONS!   You got that dream job, promotion, RETIREMENT or just wanted to live in the Sunshine State and you’re moving to Florida!  Florida, where we have sunshine every day (and 3 p.m. rain showers in your front yard, but maybe not your back yard)!  Florida, where we have alligators, […]

The Biggest Mistake Insurance Shoppers Make…

By Southshore Insurance Professionals

What could be the biggest mistake you make buying your car insurance online?  In my opinion….the biggest mistake could be not completely understanding your needs or the coverage options and choices you are provided. When you make a change online, you don’t get an alarm sounding if you are about […]

Is A Home Inspection Necessary On New Construction?

By Southshore Insurance Professionals

You built a brand new home!  We want to help educate you about an important step to protect your investment! Home inspections are an important part of the home buying purchase.  This is often the make or break decision in someone moving forward with a home purchase.  The home inspection helps determine […]

How Does My Home Business Affect My Home Insurance?

By Southshore Insurance Professionals

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve made the leap!  You’ve started a home based business!  Let me be the first to congratulate you!  You have started on a great ride to extra income! Whether this is a part-time business, a hobby turned business or a full-fledged, full-time income business…WELCOME to the world of entrepreneurship and all […]

House Keys

Who Has Keys To Your Home?

By Southshore Insurance Professionals

A question was posed to me the other day about securing your home which I found interesting….Who has keys to your home? Do you know who has keys to your home? I’ll be honest with you I had NO idea who had a key to my house. We moved there in […]


My car is getting older so why do my auto insurance rates keep increasing?

By Southshore Insurance Professionals

At Southshore Insurance, we get this question all the time, so of course, I wanted to address it here for all of our readers. First things first, even though it’s called car/auto insurance, it covers more than just your car. It should technically be called “auto-owners” insurance, similarly to how […]

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