1. Michelle Mosher

      There are several things that could be overlooked when builders are building a home. Our home inspector contact believes not only end of construction but also pre-drywall inspections are in the best interest of a client. We’ve seen circumstances where the insulation in the attic was ‘forgotten’ or left out of a new build among other things. It’s another set of eyes to protect the health and safety of your new home.

  1. John

    I thought it was interesting to learn that a home inspection could be necessary even if your home is new. My wife and I have been wanting to move into our first home together by the end of the year. We’ll be sure to have a good home inspection done when we have our house built just to be sure our investment is well-worth it.

  2. Michelle Mosher

    John, that’s a great idea. You invest so much it’s great to know someone else is looking out for your best interest! Certainly can’t hurt! Best of luck on your goal!

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