Condominium Insurance

Looking for condo insurance in Florida? Southshore Insurance represents multiple condo insurance companies. We can help you regardless of whether you’re in a 4 unit building, or a 200 unit sky scraper.

Condominium insurance provides coverage for your unit where your condominium association insurance stops. Your association typically insures the building and other common areas.

You are responsible for the interior of your unit. Typically you need personal property and liability coverage in addition to coverage for your floors, walls, cabinets and fixtures that your association’s insurance probably will not cover.

Every association’s insurance policy is different regarding what each unit owner is responsible for, so it is important to review your association policy and condominium by-laws carefully.

It would be worth while to have a copy of the association by-laws in your possession so you know exactly what level of insurance you need. Some associations will mail out by-laws annually.

Southshore Insurance can help you find the best condo insurance at the best possible price. Call our office today and we’ll make the process easy.

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